Project IGI I,m Going In PC Game Free Download Full Version

Project IGI 1 Free Download

Project IGI I’m Going In) is a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Innerloop Studios and released on December 15, 2000 by Eidos Interactive.

Upon release the game received mixed reviews due to a number of shortcomings, including poorly programmed A.I., lack of a mid-game save option, and the lack of multiplayer features.

However it was praised for its superb sound design and graphics, thanks in part to its use of a proprietary game engine that was previously used in Innerloop’s Joint Strike Fighter.

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Download Project IGI 1 Game For PC Full Version

Project IGI 1 PC Game Download

Project IGI 1 Setup Download For Windows 7

There are 14 total missions in Project IGI I am going in!

Here are the 14 missions:

  1. Trainyard -Small coastline trainyard.
  2. Sam Base -Small missile defence base.
  3. Military Airbase -Rescue Josef from the airbase.
  4. GOD -Defend the friendly troops.
  5. Radar base -Disrupt Jach’s communication network.
  6. Get Priboi -Kidnap Jach from his base.
  7. Border Crossing -Get Jones across the border.
  8. Resupply -Get jones equipment back.
  9. Missile Trainyard -Get on the train.
  10. Defend Priboi -Take Jach to the FRV.
  11. Eagle nest 1-The approach to EKK’s fortress.
  12. Eagle nest 2-The Ekk’s hilltop Fortress.
  13. Nuclear infiltration -Infiltrate the nuclear base.
  14. Finding the bomb -Kill Ekk and find the bomb.

Project IGI I,m Going In PC Game System Requirements:

  • CPU: Pentium II @ 450 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Graphics Card: 32 MB
  • Setup Size: 157 MB
  • Hard Disk Space Required: 400 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse


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